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... according to recent studies 1% of the Polish population is vegetarian? In other European countries especially in the West countries this percentage is higher.

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Pickling salt is a type of salt which is designed specifically for pickling and canning. It is used mainly for meat and meat products – It is a real quintessence of a natural method of preservation of food.

Saltpeter, i.e. potassium nitrate (Latin: sal petrae – rock salt) is a preservative used as an additive to table salt for meat pickling and canning. .

  1. Pickling salt – fine grain salt with high purity produced on the basis of evaporated salt and carefully selected ingredients with appropriate approvals which make pickled foods safe to store and eat. Pickling salt is available in two types of packaging: 0.5 kg and 25 kg.

  2. Saltpeter – high quality double refined salltpeter. Available in 40 grams sachets which allows to prepare pickling brine or curing mixture for 40–50 kg of meat.


Product range: natural casings, artificial casings, ham threads and nets, spices, pickling salt, saltpeter and other products.

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